White-FX Home Whitening System

White-FX™ Home Whitening System is THE quintessential take-home whitening kit and it serves several purposes:

  • Complete home whitening system for professional whitening results at home
  • Follow-up treatment after in-office whitening (prevents color regression and deepens whitening results)
  • Maintenance whitening (when used once a month or as-needed)

Sapient will gladly add your full color logo and contact info to one side of the bag so that your patients never forget who their dentist is and who to get gel refills from. Imagine having your own custom home whitening kit for only $29. Just call 855-553-3682 to get started.


  • 1 – Bleaching gel (choose from 16%, 22%, or 36% carbamide peroxide)
  • 1 – Remineralizing gel
  • 1 – Tray storage case
  • 1 – Shade guide
  • 1 – Elegant carry-case

Attention: Whitening trays are sold separately. We offer Thermoforming Whitening Trays (Boil-n-Bite) and Flexible EVA Material. Additionally, EVA material (two sheets) or a set of thermoforming trays can be included in the kit, but only as a custom order. Other concentrations of carbamide peroxide whitening gel are available as a custom order.

  • 10-14 Applications
  • Includes Remineralizing Gel
  • 16%, 22%, or 36% Carbamide Peroxide