Sapient Now Offers Private Label Teeth Whitening

sapient private label teeth whitening

Sapient now offers private label teeth whitening products and supplies only for dentists. We’re rolling out this new service just in time for the CDS Midwinter Meeting in Chicago next month. What’s different about Sapient’s private label offering is that we specialize only in teeth whitening products for dentists – not retail stores or salons and spas.

Other reasons to come to us for your private label needs include that fact that we can offer virtually any type of packaging you desire and if you don’t have a brand identity yet, we can assist you with your brand identity as we have access to a team of graphic designers and other marketing people.

If you have a particular unique product in mind or need someone to manufacture your custom formulation, we have the facility in place to do that as well.

Private label products are great for building your brand and creating brand loyalty. Imagine your customer gets their whitening gel prescribed by you with your logo printed on the syringe. Do you think they’ll go anywhere else when they need refills? Not as likely.

What about your own brand of remineralizing gel to seal in whitening results and strengthen enamel? Do you think they will get their remi gel anywhere else?

Talk to us about your private label needs – whether you are part of an individual practice or a large chain. We have small runs available for smaller practices.

Think outside the box – and then give Sapient a call!

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